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What is a toolkit and why is it used by protestors?

Toolkit is used by social justice and human rights campaigners to provide protest avenues, raise awareness and suggest strategies to mobilise protesters.

When is a toolkit circulated

Toolkits have been circulated during many major protests, such as the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011, Black Lives Matter of 2020, Hong Kong protests of 2019, India’s anti-CAA protests of 2019-20 and during several others related to environment.

Importance of digital toolkit - What is a toolkit and why is it used by  protestors? | The Economic Times

Purpose of toolkit

Toolkit is used by journalists, teachers, academics and business heads to have resources for team members at one place, formulate plans and coordinate faster execution of projects.

Digital toolkits

As opposed to protests that were earlier driven by speeches and pamphlets, digital toolkits have evolved as an effective tool to ensure that large protests do not splinter. Many organisations, from UN bodies to NGOs, use them regularly.